Multi-Objective Design Optimization of an IPMSM Based on Multilevel Strategy.

The multiobjective optimization design of interior permanent magnet synchronous motors (IPMSMs) is a challenge due to the high dimension and huge computation cost of finite element analysis. This article presents a new multilevel optimization strategy for efficient multiobjective optimization of an IPMSM. To determine the multilevel optimization strategy, Pearson correlation coefficient analysis and cross-factor variance analysis techniques are employed to evaluate the correlations of design parameters and optimization objectives. A three-level optimization structure is obtained for the investigated IPMSM based on the analysis results, and different optimization parameters and objectives are assigned to different levels. To improve the optimization efficiency, the Kriging model is employed to approximate the finite element analysis for the multiobjective optimization in each level. It is found that the proposed method can provide optimal design schemes with a better performance, such as smaller torque ripple and lower power loss for the investigated IPMSM, while the needed computation cost is reduced significantly. Finally, experimental results based on a prototype are provided to validate the effectiveness of the proposed optimization method. The proposed method can be applied for the efficient multiobjective optimization of other electrical machines with high dimensions.

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