IoT-based smart monitoring and management system for fish farming

Fish farming is still controlled and managed in the traditional way where water quality and fish feeding are manually controlled. There is a need to use computer and communication technology in fish farms for remote monitoring and control. This paper deals with the design and implementation of an internet of things (IoT) based system for real-time monitoring, control and management of fish farming. The design of such a system is based on measuring different types of variables and using the information to control fish growth and increase productivity. Each fish pond is a node in a wireless sensor network. The node contains an embedded microcontroller connected to a set of sensors and actuators and a wireless communication module. Two fuzzy controllers are designed to control the water quality in the ponds as well as the environment using five sensors in each pond plus three environmental sensors. Practical results indicate the accuracy of the measurement system compared to the results obtained from commercial devices used on the farm. These results also showed that the proposed approach achieves the best performance of the real-time monitoring and control system in fish ponds.


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