Intelligent driver monitoring system: An Internet of Things-based system for tracking and identifying the driving behavior

One of the most prevalent causes of road accidents is aggressive and irrational driving, which puts lives and property in danger. To reduce traffic crashes and improve road safety, we urgently need reliable and effective techniques for driver following and recognizing their driving styles. Recently, based on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and evaluation of car-related driving data changes, many researchers have studied remote tracking and recognition of driving characteristics. The main objective of this work is to know and follow the driving in real-time, by examining the use of an electronic card system, as an alternative to collecting local data from the vehicle and broadcasting it remotely to a graphical supervision interface. We use a data logging device that can be installed in every car equipped with CAN Bus (Control Area Network) and OBD-II (On-Board Diagnosis) standards to monitor the current actions of the vehicle. The key factors of our study, such as speed, engine speed, coolant temperature, and location coordinates of the vehicle, are collected by the monitoring system that will be installed in the vehicle, which consists of a PIC Microcontroller, a MCP2551 transceiver, as well as a GPS module, and a WIFI transceiver. The information collected will be transmitted to a web server developed by using the HTTP protocol with a fixed IP address. Subsequently, our developed graphic interface reads the data received from the web page linked to the server. All the data is displayed on the virtual dashboard, which functions as a remote monitoring block. The data is stored as a driving and movement history of the vehicle. According to the results of the experiments, the suggested approach can track the drive effectively.


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