Dynamic behavior and seismic response of structures isolated with low shape factor bearings.

This study investigates the mechanical behavior of laminated elastomeric bearings with a low shape factor (LSF) and the dynamic response of structures mounted on them. Axial loads have a significant influence on the mechanical behavior of the LSF bearings. Most of the existing theories and mechanical models for laminated bearings cannot be employed for LSF bearings because they disregard the important effects of axial shortening and bulging of the rubber layers on the horizontal bearing stiffness. IN this study, a simplified model originally developed for slender rubber blocks is employed for describing the mechanical behavior of LSF bearings, and validated against the experimental results on low-damping LSF bearings manufactured and tested at Ton Abdul Raza Research Center (TARRC). The proposed model is then used to simulate the seismic response of a structural prototype mounted on the low-damping LSF bearings and tested at University of Naples Federico II on a shaking table under horizontal seismic input. Further analyses are carried out to evaluate how the bearing shape factor affects the dynamic and seismic response of the prototype. The study provides some useful insight into the complex mechanical behavior of LSF bearings and of structures mounted on them.

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