A Specification-based Intrusion Detection Framework for Cyber-physical Environment in Electric Power System

Electric power systems are becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks and penetration as a result of the introduction of high-speed networks, which tightly integrate cyber and physical infrastructure. This paper suggests a novel solution to this issue: creating a specification-based intrusion detection framework that makes use of information that is readily available from modern power system components. The suggested intrusion detection framework uses patterns with temporal state transitions created by a Bayesian network to graphically encode the causal relationships among the available data. This makes it possible for the suggested framework to identify cyberattacks and categorize various substation situations. The non-pilot directional over current relay protection scheme for a modified 2-bus 2-generator system—which is derived from a portion of the IEEE 9-bus 3-generator system—is covered in a case study. For the case study, nine power system scenarios were created and put into practice. Every scenario was tested on a test bed, and the IDS developed utilizing the suggested methodology accurately classified every scenario.

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