A review of cyber security risks of power systems: from static to dynamic false data attacks

The swift advancement of smart grid technology and the growing integration of communication networks have resulted in significant cyber-security issues for power grids. This study examines previous research on the three ways that false data injection attacks affect power systems. False data injection can firstly negatively impact economic dispatch by raising the power system’s operating costs or by resulting in consecutive overloads and even outages. Second, malicious actors have the ability to introduce erroneous data into the power system state estimator, preventing operators from learning the actual system operating conditions. Thirdly, the distributed control of distributed generators or microgrids may be compromised by false data injection attacks, resulting in an imbalance in the supply and demand of power. In order to assist system operators in understanding the system vulnerability and implementing effective countermeasures, this paper thoroughly covers the potential vulnerabilities of power systems to cyber-attacks.

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