Transportation Engineering Project Topics With Abstracts and Base Papers 2024

delves into diverse facets of the discipline, spanning from sustainable transportation solutions to innovative technologies shaping the future of mobility. Each project topic is meticulously curated to reflect the contemporary needs and challenges faced by the transportation sector. By providing abstracts and base papers, the article not only serves as a valuable resource for academic exploration but also as a practical guide for those seeking to contribute to the ongoing transformation of transportation systems. Furthermore, the article addresses the interdisciplinary nature of transportation engineering, showcasing projects that integrate elements of urban planning, environmental sustainability, and advanced technology. Readers can expect a nuanced understanding of how transportation engineering intersects with broader societal issues, making this compilation an indispensable reference for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether focused on smart transportation systems, green mobility, or traffic management innovations, the article offers a multifaceted exploration of the key trends and developments defining the field in 2024

M.Tech Projects Topics List In Transportation Engineering

Project TopicsBase PaperAbstract
1. Prediction of the Future State of Pedestrians While Jaywalking Under Non-Lane-Based Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions.DownloadAbstract
2.Development of a Machine-Learning-Based Novel Framework for Travel Time Distribution Determination Using Probe Vehicle Data.DownloadAbstract
3.Traffic conflict assessment using macroscopic traffic flow variables: A novel framework for real-time applications.DownloadAbstract
4.Impact of grid size on spatiotemporal prediction of fine particulate matter.DownloadAbstract
5.Development of Toll Equivalency Factors for FASTag Lanes Under Mixed Traffic Conditions.DownloadAbstract

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