Enhancing security for storage services in cloud computing

Storage Services in cloud computing allows users to store away for the high quality cloud applications on-demand to enjoy without the hassle of managing their own hardware and software their data. While the benefits of these services are more, there are new security threats in the direction of the accuracy of the data in the cloud due to the physical possession of their outsourced data. To address this new problem and improved security and reliable cloud storage service to realize, we propose a distributed storage integrity auditing mechanism, by utilizing the homomorphic token and distributed erasure-coded data in this article. The proposed design allows users to monitor the cloud storage with very lightweight communication and computation costs. This provides strong cloud storage accuracy and also allows for faster fault location data, that is to say, the identification of misbehaving server. The proposed design supports continued safe and efficient dynamic activities, including block modification, deletion and append. The proposed system is very effective against server colluding attacks and data modification attacks.

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