Detecting misbehavior routing and attacks in disruption tolerant network

In DTN selfish node or malicious node may drop received packets such reduces the packet delivery ratio and system resources. Routing misbehavior can be caused by selfish node because it drops packets even it has a sufficient buffer space. One serious problem in this paper is routing misbehavior and black whole attack. The router act as an attacker and drops the packet continuously and will not forwards the packet to receiver node. The another problem in this paper is black whole attack, it is caused by the black whole node, it advertise itself as a perfect node to all the destination but it drops the packet received from other node. To address this problem we propose a distributed scheme to detect such routing misbehavior in DTN. In this scheme a node is required to keep a few signed contact record of its previous contacts based on the next contacted node. The contact node contains when this contact happens, what packet they send and what packets they received during the data exchange so it is easy to identify which node has drops received packet. We also propose tracer routing to provide the efficient routing strategy that is designed to control routing. In this scheme the initiator appends the signature to the query. when an intermediate node x receives the packet first it verifies the packet and discard the forged one using the initiators public key. Then x forwards the packet it received to the next hop. At the same time it sends the acknowledgement to the initiator. We also propose an encryption algorithm to detect attacker and provide the security during the data exchange.

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