Applicability evaluation of web mining in healthcare E-commerce towards business success and a derived cournot model

Internet has become integral part of day-to-day business to almost everybody, this result in diversified interests of customers. So as to catering to this intrinsic need, any E-Commerce firm to survive must be of cutting edge and competitive edge. The providers should not only to stay abreast with technologies where the life cycle of a technology is at its bare minimum and further dwindling They should also entertain the customers through inventively fine tuning the delicate parameters of website. This involves evaluating the usage pattern and trails of the customer left as a log, deriving pattern from click stream etc. However, the cutting edge technology applied by the big healthcare E-Commerce industries like private Cloud utilization (John et al., Optimization and Computing, 2012), web content mining enables them to attract and retain innumerable number of customers even during peak hours. According to the research carried out in this paper, there are two distinct types of online business based on web content promoted towards buy, they are classified as exhaustive promote and partial promote. Typically exhaustive promote website perform even complex web mining operations for identifying and enticing the potential customers to buy various healthcare products based on various factors such as buying habits, interests etc. However for the partial promote in the observed cases, they are not even aware of the existence of such techniques. Based on the analysis performed on various renounced online websites, if 60% and above of the web content leads the customer to perform the ‘buy, then it is exhaustive promote the rest is considered as partial promote. Moreover a huge gap is observed between Partial and exhaustive promote when it comes to the deployment of the web mining techniques. Consequently to understand the varying role of web mining in the online business successes, this paper models the web mining as a Game in Cournot Model. The results show that the model suits the economics behind the online businesses in both the cases and thus helps to identify or enhance the underlying web mining techniques towards business success.

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