Higher Education Options After Mechanical Engineering

by Vanshita Gusain
Higher Education Options for Mechanical Engineers: Masters, PhD, and Research Opportunities

Mechanical engineering used to be a discipline that enabled equipment, engines, and mechanical devices, but it is about to enter a new, futuristic domain that will open the door to developments in this sector and advantages for mechanical engineers. Students who are pursuing mechanical engineering graduation or who are about to take their final exams must decide whether to continue their master’s and diploma programs in engineering or to change their further studies outside of their traditional engineering course while keeping in mind the wide range of opportunities available in the field. This article will examine the higher education options available to mechanical engineers both within and outside of their education.

 Masters Courses For Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Masters courses in mechanical engineering

The master’s program in mechanical engineering lasts two years (with the exception of the MBA), and admission is based on entrance exams like the GATE. Students learn and develop technical skills and support in specialized fields like automation, robotics, thermal science and engineering, industrial engineering, and management. The top five masters-related courses are shown below.

1. Higher Education Options In MBA

Higher Education Options In MBA

Master_of_Business_Administration after mechanical engineering is a fantastic option and chance for those who desire to advance their business management understanding and abilities. In comparison to engineering services firms or mechanical engineering firms, it offers better companies with profitable pay. The following is a list of the top MBA specialties for mechanical engineers:

  • MBA in operation Management
  • MBA in Supply chain management
  • MBA in Retail Management

2. Higher Education Options In Mechanical Engineering Masters in Tool Designing

Higher Education Options In Mechanical Engineering Masters in Tool Designing

It is a two-year postgraduate degree that involves the planning and design of various tools and pieces of machinery and deals with various practical-based topics such as – BIM construction management, graphic media designing, and more. The training in tool designing offers greater employment chances in prestigious engineering firms and businesses and focuses mostly on cutting tool design, advanced plastic processing, and plastic mold design. In addition to these, the best universities providing tool designing courses are – the University of California, Northwestern University, KU Leuven Belgium, etc.

3. Higher Education Options In Mechanical Engineering Masters In Nanotechnology

In this course, students prepare and examine the primary methods for preparing nanoparticles and materials, enabling them to participate in the investigation and creation of intelligent nanomaterials. The degree makes a wide range of job opportunities in engineering, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aerospace engineering, nuclear engineering, and other fields possible. The development, integration, and component-level demonstration of high-impact nanotechnologies for upcoming NASA missions are the main goals of the nanotechnology project. In addition to these, the best universities providing nanotechnology courses are – Northwestern University and Rice University.

4. Higher Education Options In Mechanical Engineering Masters In Robotics

Masters courses in mechanical engineering

The branch of mechanical engineering known as robotics is on the cutting edge, but it also gives students the opportunity to study the various facets of robotics systems, automation, computer engineering, and mechanical designs. This degree offers exciting employment options in the top corporations throughout the world. At NASA, mechanical engineering is practiced in several different sub-disciplines, including aeronautical, aerospace, and hardware engineering. In addition to these, the best universities providing robotics courses are – the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, and Rice University.

5. Higher Education Options In Mechanical Engineering Masters In Mechatronics

Mechatronics, a branch of engineering that blends robotics, electrical, and computer engineering, is where designing, automation, and production in the engineering sector are headed. Numerous employment options in disciplines including robotics engineering, artificial intelligence, computer science, and telecommunications are made possible by the degree and the mechatronics engineers are needed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and its connected organizations to help them achieve their mission of landing on the moon, exploring Mars, and going further. In addition to these, the best universities providing mechatronics courses are – Deakin University, the University of Sydney, etc.

Diploma Courses For Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Those students who are unable to physically attend the classes study one-year diploma courses or diploma courses. The study guides and exercises are made available during online classes or online via mail. The top diploma-related courses are –

1. PG Courses In Piping Design & Engineering

The one-year diploma program in piping design and engineering includes calculations, layout considerations, and concept and analysis of piping design, allowing students to gain expertise in the field and find employment as piping specialists in engineering, refinery, and petrochemical companies all across the world. There are many good work prospects in piping engineering as engineering firms like Bechtel, Fluor, and J Ray McDermott are constantly searching for qualified mechanical engineers to work as plumbing engineers. In addition to these, the best universities providing piping design and engineering courses are – the University of California, Northwestern University, KU Leuven Belgium, etc.

2. PG Diploma In Thermal Power Plant Engineering

The diploma program offers specialization in the production, testing, and management of equipment used in thermal power plants. Due to the ongoing development of the power sectors, there are numerous employment prospects in thermal power plant engineering. Several of the areas include:

  • Power plant design and construction
  • Power plant control and safety
  • Power plant research and development
  • Power plant project management
  • PG diploma in safety engineering

3.PG Diploma In Safety Engineering

In particular, the PG diploma in safety engineering covers engineering safety management, industrial construction safety, hazard and disaster management, industrial safety acts, environment and pollution, and many other topics. The one-year diploma program gives students the competence in safety engineering that will enable them to compete for prestigious positions around the globe. In addition to these some popular universities providing safety engineering courses are – Greenwich University, and Newcastle University.

4. PG Diploma In Tool, Die And Mould Design

PG Diploma In Tool, Die And Mould DesignA one-year diploma program in tool, die, and mold design’s major goal is to conduct research and corporate design training programs to produce scholars and specialists who can work in the engineering and business sectors. After mechanical engineering, Canada and the USA are popular places to pursue a master’s degree. A successful career in tool, die and mold design engineering has a reasonable amount of potential. One can explore employment prospects in various automakers, manufacturing sectors, die-making businesses, etc. after completing your tool engineering study. In addition to these, the best institutions providing piping design and engineering courses are – Strathclyde University, Greenwich University, and Newcastle University.

Higher Education Options As PhD Courses for Mechanical Engineering Students

The PhD in mechanical engineering is the highest academic degree and lasts for two to five years. During this time, students can specialize in a variety of areas, including mechanics, mechatronics, and robotics, as well as seek careers in research and education. The following are the core subjects for mechanical engineering PhDs:

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Metal Cutting and Removal Process
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Dynamics of Machines
  • Work Analysis and Work Measurement
  • Methods of Applied Mathematics
  • Continuum Mechanics

Higher Education Options As Research Opportunities For Mechanical Engineering Students

Higher Education Options As Research Opportunities For Mechanical Engineering StudentsMechanical engineering research gives students the chance to concentrate on the development and enhancement of mechanical machinery and gadgets. The PhD scholars’ participation in research and development can significantly improve their employment prospects. The following are some of the research fields in mechanical engineering:

  • Robotics And Mechatronics
  • Micro System Technologies
  • Surface Engineering and Tribology
  •  Advanced Manufacturing Technology 
  • Biomechanics
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Advanced Design
  • Fluid Mechanics And Heat Transfer

Job Prospects In Mechanical Engineering

In the designing and manufacturing industries, there is a constant need for mechanical engineers who are highly certified and skilled. After completing a diploma program, one can apply for junior engineer positions with a number of reputable enterprises as well as government jobs with the railroads, the SSC JE, IOCL, Coal India, etc. 


The future careers and higher education options of mechanical engineering students are being impacted by the quick rate of technological development. Students have an excellent opportunity to create cutting-edge innovations in the fields of piping and design,  AI, nanotechnology, Robotics, and mechatronics. For students to have a more secure future, the developing disciplines of mechanical engineering offer a choice of training programs and employment options.

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