Progress in the understanding and prevention of corrosion

This volume contains papers presented at the 10th European Corrosion Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, July 1993. The 227 papers update and provide new information in the understanding of corrosion phenomena and on new treatments and methods for corrosion prevention. The topics covered include atmospheric corrosion, coatings, computer aided corrosion information, corrosion education, corrosion in the nuclear industry and in the oil and gas industries, reinforcement in concrete, high temperature corrosion, corrosion inhibitors, marine corrosion, corrosion mechanisms, microbial corrosion, test methods, stress corrosion cracking and new treatments and materials. The aspects of economics and environmental effects are prominent in a number of the papers. Separate abstracts have been prepared for 3 papers on stress corrosion cracking in light water reactors, 1 paper on the passivation of Al-W alloys by ion implantation and 1 paper on the influence of alpha particles on the corrosion of titanium electrodes.

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