Nuclear Fuel Complex Projects & Training for students by Govt of India

In order to promote the growth of scientific and technological knowledge in the country, NFC offers a remarkable opportunity for meritorious graduate / post-graduate students in Engineering disciplines (namely Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Metallurgical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Computer) and basic sciences (namely Physics, Chemistry) and MBA students (HR & Finance) to undertake practical training or project work as a part of their academic curriculum.

The duration of in-plant training and project work shall not exceed one month. Only special cases will be considered for projects lasting forty-five days or longer.

Eligibility Criteria:

Only students who have earned a minimum of 60% in the preceding year at college and meet the specified criteria will be eligible to participate in project work.

Degree Eligibility Criteria
Engineering (BE / B Tech) Completed 5th Semester and above
ME / M Tech Case by case basis & duration of 45 days to 2 months
MSc / MBA / MCA Completed 1st Semester and above

Applicants who meet the above criteria are selected for the Summer Term (400 students) and the Winter Term (200 students) on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must apply at least one month prior to the date of the training.

Student applications along with resumes must be submitted through the respective academic institution on the institution’s letterhead. These must include details about the student such as his/her educational record, year of study, discipline, and specific assignment period, all signed by the College’s competent authority. The application may also include the areas of interest of the academic institution/student. One of the employees of NFC must be the student’s local guardian.

“It is compulsory that one of the serving employees of NFC should be local guardian for the student”.


  • Accommodation will not be provided to any student.
  • Winter Term starts from November of Current Year to January of Next Year.
  • Summer Term starts from May to July of each Year.

Reference/Source: Nuclear Fuel Complex

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