Metaheuristic Driven Approach for Parking Allotment Framework in Delay Tolerant Network

The number of vehicle used in the world are increasing day by day resulting in the obvious problem of parking of these vehicle’s in residential and commercial areas. We look at the problem of Automobile(s) parking in Commercial establishments / shopping malls. Today’s majority of parking system are manual parking system where in, on the spot, parking of the vehicle is done and a parking slip is generated and handed over to customer. This is cumbersome technique wherein various parking attendants in the parking areas manually keeps on informing the Parking inspector on how many free parking slots available so that only that many number of parking slips/tickets are generated as the number of free parking slots. We address the problem of parking in Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) by proposing metaheuristic driven approach of Ant Colony optimization (ACO) technique. We have built a Java based Automated Parking Tool using ACO technique to solve the problem of parking especially in commercial areas. Using the tool we can book various parking’s through remote areas so that the customer can get the information about availability of various parking’s inside an area and the parking fare for each category of the automobile. Using the tool the customer can get the prior knowledge about various vacant parking slots inside a parking area and he can book the corresponding parking from his location.

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