Load frequency control of power system considering electric Vehicles’ aggregator with communication delay.

The power from wind generation is intermittent in nature; which may cause a significant frequency deviation whenever, load frequency control (LFC) capacity is unable to recover the balance between generation and the required demand. Therefore, electric vehicle (EV) is another option owing to its fast dynamics response to compensate for the real power imbalance in each area, wherein LFC capacity is insufficient. This paper presents a control scheme based on event-triggered control (ETC) to minimize frequency deviation in each area.. The performance of proposed control scheme is demonstrated in single-area, multi-area power system, and with integrated wind power, according to real wind speed dynamics. Additionally, different amount of EVs integration and communication properties are simulated in study. Also, from the attacker’s perspective changing the EVs participation and sensitivity analysis with changes in parameters are analyzed. The effectiveness of the proposed study is compared with a recently reported techniques for LFC problem. The comparison suggests reduced overshoot/under shoot and settling time of frequency deviation. Additionally, the controller action of the proposed method uses different amount of thresholds of communication transmission which not only reduces the computation cost and communication burden, but also maintains minimum control effort.

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