Effects of the global economic crisis on Indian BTech and MTech students

by Engineer's Planet

The Effect

For Indian BTech and MTech students, the results of higher education have been significantly impacted by the global economic crisis.
Finding meaningful jobs with excellent pay has gotten harder, especially in industries like engineering and technology.

At the same time, there is increased competition due to a larger pool of graduates seeking employment.
Fresh graduates may find this scenario to be rather disappointing, therefore it is crucial that they do not get complacent but rather take aggressive measures to safeguard their future possibilities.

How do you keep one step ahead?

The first step – It’s critical for BTech/MTech students to stay up to date on the state of the employment market in their profession or in fields that are relevant.

Understanding the traits that companies value most and the ones a person possesses that can offer them an advantage over other job seekers comes from keeping up with industry trends.

In order to create the best impression on potential employers, students should also get ready for networking events and interviews.

Second, students should broaden their skill sets by seizing extra possibilities for skill development, such as internships and certifications from reputable organisations, which could provide them a competitive advantage when applying for jobs.
This will show their dedication to professional excellence while enhancing their comprehension of more complex ideas relevant to their field.

With automation being increasingly employed in many sectors, it is important that students equip themselves with advanced technical skills needed across various industries such as analytics and AI & ML.

This will help in staying ahead of the curve by ensuring mastery over modern innovative skillsets currently driving technological advancements all around us.
Learning these skills also means one can explore new avenues outside traditional engineering/tech job profiles in areas like data science/business intelligence etc which are rapidly growing fields in this day and age.

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