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Are you a PhD. or any Industrial Expert?

We are building a community to work, learn, teach and earn together. Our aim is not only to build a community of experts but to provide a quality of practical knowledge and train an engineer. 

We all know the quality of practical education that students get in their college career specially if they are from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges. Either the students have to be highly motivated to learn by themselves , talented to get the expertise in their field or they pay very high fees to enroll themselves in a training institutes.

So, after engaging with students from all engineering backgrounds for last 3 years, we have come with a solution. We are building a common place to all experts of different fields whether they are pursuing PhDs, Phd. holders, or  working in any industry or ex-industrial experts. Let's connect together and revolutionize the engineering.

Key Featuresto Connect with Us!

  • You are not only connecting with us, you will be connecting with many other experts.
  • You are also open to share your doubts with other experts and get the solution and explanation faster
  • You'll get exposure to different kind of projects and you can simultaneously improve your skills.
  • You will be able to guide and teach your expertise to students in your own way.
  • You can conduct live internships, trainings and workshops of your skills.
  • Managing students during live sessions is a big headache, you can conduct the same without any tension of managing the rest.
  • We will be managing all your things so you can just teach effortlessly.

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