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Introduction to Algorithms and Logic

  • Grasp the Basics of Algorithms: Dive into the building blocks of technology and unravel the power of algorithms with us. Learn how these logical procedures form the backbone of all computer programs, from simple apps to complex AI systems.
  • Master the Rubik’s Cube with Algorithms: Witness algorithms in action through a hands-on Rubik’s cube session. Discover the patterns and sequences that solve the cube, illustrating the beauty and effectiveness of algorithmic thinking.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in an interactive exploration of the cube’s secrets. Deconstruct its complexities and develop a step-by-step approach to problem-solving that mirrors computer logic.

Course Summary


Code The First Milestone

  • Python Programming Foundations: Take your first steps into programming with Python. Start writing your very first lines of code and understand how algorithms turn into working programs.
  • Project-Based Learning: Apply your new skills immediately by tackling a project that cements your understanding. Code your first mini-application and experience the joy of bringing your logic to life!
  • Collaborative Coding Sessions: Learn from your peers and share your insights as you work together on coding challenges. It's not just about coding; it's about creating and collaborating.

Robotics Introduction

  • Discover the World of Robotics: From manufacturing arms to autonomous drones, get acquainted with the robots that are shaping our world. Learn how they're built, how they operate, and the algorithms that guide them.
  • Hands-On Robotics Projects: Roll up your sleeves and program your first robot. Understand the sensors and motors that respond to your commands, and create a simple robotic system.
  • Robotics in Real Life: Discuss real-world applications of robotics, from healthcare to space exploration. Envision your future in the field and the impact you can have.

AI and its Applications

  • Artificial Intelligence Unveiled: Peel back the layers of AI and explore how algorithms are at the heart of learning machines. Understand the basic principles that allow computers to learn, adapt, and make decisions.
  • AI in the World Around Us: See AI in action across various industries and platforms. Understand how it's used in everything from your social media feeds to self-driving cars.
  • Practical AI Projects: Put theory into practice and work on a project that uses AI algorithms. Gain a tangible understanding of the power of AI through creation.

Let's Connect - Project Work

  • Collaborative Innovation: This week is dedicated to bringing your ideas to the forefront. You'll be applying everything learned so far to a comprehensive project. It's time to get creative, think critically, and innovate.
  • Teamwork in Tech: Pair up with peers and tackle a challenge together. Harness the collective knowledge of your group to design, develop, and deploy a project that showcases your cumulative skills in Python, AI, and Robotics.
  • Real-World Impact: Your project isn't just an exercise; it's a prototype that addresses real-world issues. Develop solutions that could one day change how we interact with technology


  • Bringing It All Together: Review and reflect on the journey from algorithms to applications. Showcase your projects and the knowledge you've gained.
  • Presentation and Feedback: Present your work to the group, receive feedback, and learn how to improve and refine your approach.
  • Looking Forward: Prepare for the next steps in your computer science journey. Leave the workshop not just with new skills, but with a roadmap for your future learning and development.

Curriculum Layout:

40 hours Workshop

Weekday Batch: 2 hrs. session…
(Monday to Friday, 9:30-11.30am)

Weekend Batch: Sat, Sunday… 9am-2pm

Workshop Fees: Rs. 20,000

Workshop Dates:

Weekday Batch: 8th April Onwards

Weekend Batch: 6th April Onwards

Age group: 13+

11th – 12th, Graduation, Diploma, any individual interested in learning robotics, AI, Coding practically can enroll.

Deliverables and Learning:

Robotic Kits
Rubix Cube
Exposure to Corporate Life


Keen interest development to Code
Understand coding with Python
Hands-On Learning: Working with microcontrollers to make cool robotic projects
Grow with a Growth Mindset
Guidance from experienced Mentors
Tech Exploration
Exposure to corporate work life

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