The system aims to automate and simplify cable accounting, which was previously done by hand. Accounts and transactions for Connections are entered, saved, and accessible in the form of reports. They can also be updated quickly on computers.

This system has anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand accounts. Because of this, it can be hard to keep track of their transactions and accounts in account books.

Cable Connection Management System in Python Source Code Download

Project to be Recommended: VB and SQL Bank Management System Because Pay Channels are becoming more popular, this automated cable system can also be used to manage these channels.

There is a focus on the following goals:

  1. Manual system’s automation.
  2. The same should be User-friendly
  3. Techniques used should be properly validated.
  4. Required data should be maintained properly in reports.
  5. Data security should be proper.

Because the current system is manual, it is hard to get reports on connections and transactions. So, the system had to be made automatic so that reports could be found quickly and accurately.

Running a system is easy. Changes to passwords for printing are reported regularly for data entry. Losses of records are reported as well.

Basic Operations of the System

  • ✓ Entry of the data
  • ✓ Updates should be regular
  • ✓ Reports printing
  • ✓ Changing of the passwords
  • ✓ Records should get delete

The people who use it

The system is only used by the Organization’s partners.

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