The Invisible Struggle: Mental Health of Engineering Students

By: Engineer's Planet

The pressure placed on engineering students is something we have probably heard about and seen in the case of several engineering students, whether they are our friends or we have seen engineering-related movies. We never considered the possibility that engineering students’ mental health was being negatively impacted by their academic burden

Engineering students face tremendous academic stress as a result of a difficult curriculum, tricky tasks, and high expectations

1. Academic Stress

Individual study and project work in engineering colleges can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, negatively damaging mental health.

2. Loneliness & Isolation

3. Competitive Space

The strong competitiveness among students can create a high-stress environment, encouraging anxiety and negatively impacting mental health

4. Short deadlines and Huge Workloads

Constant deadlines and big tasks add to the pressure, allowing barely any time for relaxation and self-care for Engineering students.

5. Improper Work-Life Balance:

Engineering students sometimes struggle with finding a healthy balance between academic and personal duties, resulting in burnout and stress.

6. The Stigma of Mental Health

Students may be discouraged from seeking help or addressing their problems openly due to the stigma associated with mental health disorders

7. Financial Pressure

The cost of college as well as financial demands can add a further layer of stress, affecting engineering students’ mental health.

8. Failure Anxiety

Fear of not meeting academic expectations or failing projects can place considerable mental health on engineering students.

9. Sleep Deficiency

Irregular timetables, late-night study sessions, and the pressure to meet deadlines can all lead to insufficient sleep, which can have a negative influence on the mental health of Engineering students.

In Conclusion, We may work to create an environment where this Invisible Struggle becomes Visible and students discover the support they need to prosper academically and mentally by accepting the challenges, encouraging open discussion, and implementing supportive measures.