ECE & EEE Project List For Final Year Mtech

MATLAB Based EEE Projects List

Sl. No. Projects
1. Simulation and Analysis of Digital Communication Systems using MATLAB
2. Design and Implementation of Digital Signal Processing Algorithms in MATLAB
3. Modeling and Simulation of Antenna Arrays using MATLAB
4. Analysis and Design of Digital Filters using MATLAB
5. Simulation and Analysis of Wireless Communication Systems using MATLAB
6. Implementation of Image and Video Processing Algorithms in MATLAB
7. Development of a Speech Processing System using MATLAB
8. Design and Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks using MATLAB
9. Simulation and Analysis of Power Electronic Converters using MATLAB
10. Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms in MATLAB for Image Classification

Hardware and Arduino Based Project List (EEE & ECE Projects)

Sl. No. Projects
1. Design and Implementation of an Automated Irrigation System using Arduino
2. Development of a Smart Home Automation System using Arduino
3. Implementation of a Voice Controlled Home Automation System using Arduino
3. Development of a Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition System using Arduino
5. Design and Implementation of a Wireless Health Monitoring System using Arduino
6. Development of a Wireless Robot Control System using Arduino
7. Design and Implementation of a Smart Agriculture Monitoring System using ESP8266
8. Development of a Wireless Home Security System using ESP8266
9. Design and Implementation of a Wireless Air Quality Monitoring System using ESP8266
10. Development of a Wireless Weather Forecasting System using ESP8266
11. Design and Implementation of a Wireless Smart Energy Grid System using ESP8266
12. Implementation of a Wireless Vehicle Tracking System using ESP8266.

Top 5 Beginner-Friendly Arduino Project Downloads(Source code)

Download MATLAB based projects list in PDF

Download Micro-controller Based Projects PDF

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