Top 5 Beginner Friendly Arduino Projects

By: Engineer's Planet

Are you seeking an Arduino project that is simple yet original? We’ve got your back.  Here are Top 5 Arduino Projects for Beginners with complete Guidance for you and your teams to choose from for your college assignments. Let's get started.

we can create Lie Detector using Arduino which lets us measure the physical reaction of the person in real time and determines whether the person is lying or telling the truth.

1. Arduino Project of Lie Detector

With the use of Arduino, we can simply blink an LED light in this project. LED (Light-Emitting Diode), is a device that emits light when a current is sent through it

2. Arduino Project of Blinking LED

RFID (Radiofrequency identification), which works on the radio frequency of radio waves. This technology is automatically identifying objects and tracking them.

3. Arduino Project of RFID Smart Lock

We can also make an alarm clock using a real-time clock module and which will display the date and time on an LCD screen and serve as an alarm when the alarm time coincides with the current time.

4. Arduino Project of Alarm Clock

A liquid crystal display displays messages on the screen. To display messages, we simultaneously connect the board’s unique connection pins and the LCD screen to the Board.

5. Arduino Project of LCD