Mtech Construction Management Project

By: Engineer's Planet

The following topics are designed specifically for students in their final year of study in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), encompassing both Bachelor’s (Btech) and Master’s (Mtech) degrees. The program adheres to the guidelines established by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and centers on machine learning initiatives that are pertinent to the academic curriculum and professional aspirations of students in the year 2024. 

This Mtech project involves investigating the impact of Terazyme on enhancing Black Cotton Soil properties through experimental studies. By analyzing its effects, the project aims to contribute insights into improving soil conditions for construction purposes.

1. An Investigative and Experimental Study into the Effects of Terazyme

This Mtech project focuses on improving bituminous properties by incorporating suitable fibers. Through experimentation and analysis, it aims to identify fibers that enhance the performance and durability of bituminous materials in construction.

2. Enhancing the Bituminous Properties by Employing an Appropriate Fiber

3. Use of Fly Ash in Structural Concrete as Part of Sustainable Construction

This Mtech project investigates the utilization of fly ash in structural concrete to promote sustainable construction practices. By analyzing its effects on concrete properties, the study aims to contribute to eco-friendly building materials.

4. Strength Characteristics of Pond Ash Treated with Lime for Mine Void Filling

This Mtech project explores the strength properties of pond ash treated with lime for filling mine voids. Through experimental analysis, it aims to assess the effectiveness of this treatment method in enhancing the stability of mine voids.

5. The Strength Enhancing Effect of Chopped Glass Fibres in Concrete Tiles

This Mtech project investigates the strength augmentation achieved by incorporating chopped glass fibers into concrete tiles. Through experimental testing, it aims to evaluate the impact of these fibers on enhancing the mechanical properties of the tiles.

In conclusion, this Mtech project demonstrates the significant potential of chopped glass fibers in enhancing the strength of concrete tiles. The experimental results indicate notable improvements in mechanical properties such as tensile and flexural strength. These findings underscore the viability of incorporating glass fibers as a reinforcing material in concrete tile production, paving the way for more durable and resilient construction materials in the industry.