Free certificate courses for engineering students

By: Engineer's Planet

Learning different courses will help broaden the subject knowledge, provide more career opportunities, and learn new skills. So below are some free online certificate courses, that will help engineering students. It will help them gain a new skill, discover their interests, and land a new job in the area of their interest.

‘The fundamentals of digital marketing’ is a free course Google offers. This course is designed to help individuals learn about digital marketing. It is also beneficial for growing business and career. It is available on the Google skillshop website.

1. The fundamentals of digital marketing

Another growing field in computers is cloud technology So, this course is offered by Amazon i.e. AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud service provider. This will help one build their cloud skills at their own pace, on their own time, and for free. So register soon

2. AWS Educate

3.  Data Analyst/ SQL Data Engineer

Great Learning offers a free course on Data Analysis and SQL Data Engineering. In today’s data-driven world, the ability to analyze and manipulate data is highly valuable. This course helps engineering students acquire skills in data analysis and SQL, which are in high demand across various industries

4. Introduction to Front-end Development

Simplilearn’s Skillup platform offers an introductory course on front-end development. Front-end development is a critical aspect of web design and user experience. It involves creating the visual and interactive elements of websites and web applications that users interact with directly. Learning front-end development can open up exciting career opportunities in web development and design. 

5. Explore Engineering

GE Aerospace offers a course that allows engineering students to explore the diverse facets of engineering. This course provides valuable insights into the world of aerospace engineering, an industry known for its innovation and cutting-edge technologies. 

6. Project Management

Google offers a free Project Management course through Coursera. Project management is a crucial skill for engineering students who aspire to lead and manage complex projects effectively. This course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to plan, execute, and monitor projects successfully.

7. IT Automation with Python

Coursera by Google offers a course on IT Automation with Python. Automation is a key component of modern IT operations, and Python is a popular programming language for automating various tasks. This course teaches you how to use Python for automating IT-related processes

8. Computer Network Fundamentals

A Computer Network is a system of interconnected networks that transfer data and share resources.The following above-mentioned course is provided by Edelytics Online. It is a basic free course along with you will receive a certificate on completion of the course.

9. Generative AI

Google provides a course on Generative AI. Generative Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating field that focuses on creating AI systems capable of generating content, such as images, text, or even music, autonomously. 

In Conclusion These free online certificate courses can greatly enhance an engineering student’s knowledge and skill set, making them more competitive in the job market and allowing them to explore new career opportunities. Remember to consider your interests and career goals when choosing which courses to pursue.