Fee Waivers and Merit-based Scholarship in Engineering Colleges

By: Engineer's Planet

We understand how difficult it can be to search the internet for a single site that contains all the details on scholarships and which colleges provide various scholarships to engineering students. There’s no need to be concerned; we’ve got you covered. Here are top 10 Engineering Colleges in India that offer fee waivers and merit-based scholarships to engineering students.

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), considered as the country’s finest autonomous colleges for technical and research education, provides a range of scholarships and internships to students interested in pursuing Engineering or any other Degree.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Amity University is also one of India’s top private colleges with a focus on research and innovation. With a campus spread around the country, this university provides Engineering and other Degree students with world-class facilities, reputable teachers, and placement chances.

Amity University

The National Institutes of Technologies (NITs), like the IITs, are recognized as outstanding institutes for engineering and technology-based studies. There are now 31 NITs located around the nation that provide a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate engineering and technology degrees.

National Institutes of Technologies (NITs)

College of Engineering Pune promotes excellence in technical education intending to provide engineering students with high-quality education and resources. It believes that no student, regardless of his or her problems, should be denied such an education.

College of Engineering Pune(COEP)

Jadavpur Institution is a public technical institution in Kolkata’s Jadavpur district. NIRF 2023 has placed Jadavpur University fourth among the best universities in India. Jadavpur University provides a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees.

Jadavpur University

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