B.Tech Project Topics in Electrical Engineering for 2024

By: Engineer's Planet

Embark on a journey of innovation and technological prowess with our curated collection of B.Tech project topics in Electrical Engineering for the year 2024. Each project is meticulously crafted, exploring cutting-edge advancements and challenges in the realm of electrical engineering.

This project employs advanced techniques such as deep feature selection and one-class kernel extreme learning machines to predict COVID-19 pneumonia, facilitating early detection and potentially improving treatment outcomes for patients.

1. Prediction of COVID-19 – Pneumonia

This project develops an automatic control model for power information system access using artificial intelligence technology. It aims to enhance efficiency and reliability in managing power systems through intelligent access control mechanisms.

2. Automatic Control Model of Power Information System

3. Incorporating Power Electronic Converters

This project integrates the reliability of power electronic converters into modern power system reliability analysis, ensuring accurate assessments of system performance and facilitating improvements in overall reliability

4. Power Density Optimization for Electric Vehicles.

This project focuses on optimizing the power density of a 700 kHz Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based auxiliary power module for electric vehicles, aiming to enhance efficiency and performance while reducing size and weight.

5. Multi-Objective Design Optimization

This project utilizes a multilevel approach to optimize the design of an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (IPMSM), considering multiple objectives such as performance, efficiency, and reliability 

6. Novel Face Mask Detection

This project employs machine learning to develop a novel technique for face mask detection, aiming to aid in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring compliance

7. Load frequency control of power system

This project addresses load frequency control in power systems by incorporating an electric vehicle aggregator, accounting for communication delays. It aims to ensure stable power supply amidst increasing EV integration into the grid.

In conclusion, the field of electrical engineering offers a diverse range of potential B.Tech project topics for 2024, including but not limited to power system optimization, renewable energy integration, advanced control strategies, machine learning applications, and innovative solutions for emerging challenges such as electric vehicle integration and pandemic control measures.