ATM Python Project

By: Engineer's Planet

The ATM Python project is a simple implementation of an Automated Teller Machine. The system allows users to perform basic banking transactions such as checking balance, withdrawing money, depositing money, and transferring funds between accounts. The project is designed to provide a user-friendly interface and secure transaction handling

Users are required to enter a valid PIN to access their accounts, ensuring security and privacy

1. User Authentication

Users can check their account balance to view the current available funds.

2. Balance Inquiry

3. Cash Withdrawal:

Users can withdraw money from their accounts, and the system updates the balance accordingly.

4. Cash Deposit:

Users can deposit money into their accounts by providing the necessary details.

5. Fund Transfer:

The system supports transferring funds between different accounts, ensuring accurate and secure transactions.

6. Transaction History: 

Users can view a summary of their recent transactions, including withdrawals, deposits, and transfers.

7. Logout

After completing transactions, users can securely log out of their accounts to prevent unauthorized access.

Implementation: The project is implemented using Python programming language, with a simple command-line interface for user interaction. It incorporates basic error handling to ensure robustness and user-friendly messages to guide users through the process. The project also includes data storage for account information and transaction history, maintaining data integrity.